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Film Production

Film Production

Development - This is simply the process of 'finding' a story. Ideas for films come from a variety of sources, they can range from novels, real life events to computer game adaptations. Once you've got an idea you'll need someone to write a pitch for you which you take to a film producer in an attempt to get some funding to make your film. Even at this very early stage you need a very clear idea of who you're aiming you film at so you can include elements that will appeal to them.

Pre-production - Once you've got funding you establish your budget and can begin to get a film crew together, you can storyboard the script. You also need break the script down into individual scenes and identify all the locations, props, cast members, costumes, special effects and visual effects needed.

Production - This is simply the process of 'making' the film. Provided you've done your job properly in the pre-production stage making the film should be straight forward. 'Film' is very expensive and difficult to store so an increasing number of film makers are using digital cameras to save money.

Post-production - During this stage you take all the 'film' you've shot and give it to a film editor. They will then begin putting it together. Special effects will be added, a soundtrack will be added, any missing dialogue will be re-recorded and added resulting in a 'rough cut'. This will be shown to the director and a test audience who will offer feedback. Often this causes scenes to be filmed and added or removed.

A screenplay writer or screenwriter for short is a writer is practices the craft of screenwriting, writing screenplays which the mass media such as films , television programs, comics or video games are based on. Screenwriting is a freelance profession where no education is required to become a professional screen writer, just the skill of storytelling and a good imagination. They are not hired employees; they are contracted freelancers. Professional screenwriters do not often work for free whereas amateur screenwriters will often work for free and are considered as ‘writers in training.  Screenplay or teleplay all begin with a thought or idea and screenwriters use these ideas to write scripts with intentions of selling them or having them produced.

they fill a variety of roles depending on the type of producer. Producers plan and coordinate various aspects of the film production process. This includes selecting scripts, coordinating writing, directing and editing and also arranging financing. The producers have the last word on whether anything can be changed such as sound, music, or scenes being cut   
Casting director
casting is a pre-production process for selecting a certain type of actor or singer or dancer for a particular role or part in the script. They are responsible for the casting, arranging and conducting interviews and auditions and working with the director and the producer to understand what is needed.
the film director is the person who directs the making of the film. The film director controls the films artistic and dramatic aspects. They visualise the scripts whilst guiding the technical crew and the actors. The film director has a key role in choosing cast members, production design and creative aspects of the filmmaking process.
Film finance
this occurs during the development of the film making process and prior to pre-production. It determines the potential value of the proposed film.
Camera operator
a camera operator  is the professional operator of the film or video camera. In the film making process the camera operator is responsible for physically operating the camera and maintain composition and camera angles throughout the film.
the editor is responsible for the creative and technical part of the post production process of filmmaking. The film editor works with raw footage, selecting shots and combining them into sequences to create a finished motion picture.
Production designer
a production designer is the person responsible for the physical look of the filmed event such a TV program, video game, music video or advertisement. They have a key role in the creation of motion pictures and television. They work directly with the director and producer.
the marketing team are responsible for the advertisement of the film and selling the film to  the public to ensure that a profit can be made on the film.
exhibition is the showing of the films in cinemas or on DVD to bring media attention through opening evenings and preview events.

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