Friday, 23 September 2016

Tessa Perkins- 5 assumptions

Tessa Perkins- 5 assumptions

  • stereotypes are not always negative
  • they are not always about the minority groups Eg: upper class twats
  • they can be held about one's own group
  • they are not rigid or unchanging
  • they are not always false
There are many stereotypes made in Hotel Babylon, many of them are negative however there are some positive stereotypes such as the white blonde hair, blue eyed women who sat at the reception as hotel manager in charge of all the staff members. White blonde hair, blue eyed women are often seen as powerful and beautiful however this could also be a negative stereotype because as a woman you can only be powerful if you are beautiful. To other white people the stereotype of women with blonde hair and blues being powerful and beautiful is a positive stereotype however to other people such as women with brown hair or even women of a different race.

Another stereotype that society has taught to be a negative is that South African people are lacking intellect and unintelligent, however in hotel Babylon, Adam is portrayed an intelligent doctor, curing a women who has diabetes with Jam. This is seen in the clip as going against the original stereotype that we know. Also the stereotype of black people being lacking intellect, unintelligent and being the bad guys is a stereotype that is rigid and unchanged and has not changed since the slave trade even in this day and age black people are seen had the weak and bad.  

A stereotype that is not always false which is seen in the clip is where  immigrant control comes and take Ibraham from the hotel as he is an immigrant. There is still incidents today where black men and women are treated unfairly by white police officers who wrongly accuse them of doing something just because they are black and are stereotypically seen to be bad. At this age seeing immigrant control taking an immigrant or seeing a policeman arrest a black man or women for something they didn't do seems shocking to us as we have grown up in a society where racially prejudice is wrong however if are parents or grandparents watched it then they would probably see it as understandable.   

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